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Founding Partner, Consultant, Certified Coach, Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Teacher (300 RYS)

Eliana has been immersed in studies of Western philosophy, literature, and medicine as well as Buddhism and Vedanta for 25 years. Eliana's professional background includes several professional for-profits and non-profit management roles, providing strategic guidance in social enterprises concerning social purpose, impact, and innovation and coaching for "purpose at work". 
​Eliana is a Certified Executive and Mindfulness Coach, Shiatsu therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher (300-RYS), abundantly blessed by access to renowned mentors and teachers such as Sri Krishan Mantriji, Robert Svoboda, Margaret Mahan, and Lama Tsultrim Allione. She also has a graduate degree in Slavic Languages & Literature (Croatia), Master's Degree in Library Sciences and Information and Environmental Sciences (UofT), and a number of professional certificates related to Social Impact, Change, and Project Management (professional portfolio here).

Eliana has been consulting and teaching through the Toronto, Ontario-based Dharma Associates and, facilitating in-person retreats from her home country, Croatia.


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Facilitator, Consultant



Office Manager, Event Assistant

Emma is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our office, coordination of special events, client presentations, general web maintenance. 

Emma's background is in office management, the hospitality industry, and events planning. She is interested in prison justice, labor law, and local youth communities.


She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in health sciences with a focus on global health.


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