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Unlike coaching, consultations are less self-explorative and self-directed, and more advisory-driven.


What is Jyotish?

If this is your first consultation, it is a foundational meeting that might lead to deeper discussions about different aspects of your life - financial, family, love life, career, or spiritual goals. However, each meeting is a complete session and does not require a follow-up.


 The Natal Jyotish Consultation might include the exploration of:


  • Personality, aptitudes, attitudes, and life direction,

  • General strengths and weaknesses,

  • An understanding of where you are now in the flow of personal time, and suggestions about what future trends might bring,

  • Uncovering the hidden forces that motivate you,

  • Discovering your way of service to the world,

  • Establishing the legitimacy of your hopes and desires,

  • Providing a sense of grounding of how you relate to your surroundings (spaces, places, and networks),

  • The understanding of the strength of personal impact and purpose,

  • The understanding of how to attract new opportunities, expand views and encourage experimentation,

  • Helping with reaching personal/ relationship, spiritual, physical, or business goals.​

​In combination with the Life Purpose Coaching Discovery Package ( a combination of three follow-up coaching sessions, booked separately) it might also help with understanding how to modify motivational drivers and develop or discover your unique personal mission, vision, and value statement, so that the outcome of the coaching process will manifest as lasting change.


More about the consultations process here, or please send me a non-obligatory email.


$180.00 for 90min. Sliding scale  and pro-bono services available.

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